Which frontend framework to pick as of 2021 (with benchmark)

“I considered Angular and React, but with Angular it takes time to get an MVP, and React is over-complicated. Plus VueJS is the most performant piece of technology out there and easy to learn”.

Based on well-established market technologies and new comers.

A word before we begin

Easy to learn and easy to develop with

Offer useful features

Easy to scale

Great community support

Complete and well-written documentation

Good testing tools


Performance may be subjective depending on how a framework/libraries delivers content to the end user. It also has to do with the way the application is built. But don’t take those as absolute and don’t base your choice only on those datas. Moreover, benchmarks won’t take acount of implementations like Flux or routing nor fetching datas. You’re warned.

<div>Hello World!</div>





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